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PayForImage - Help & How To


How It Works provides online digital image optimization solutions, targeted at ecommerce website holders who want to make product images to stand out and attract greater sales. By following a few simple steps you can enhance your product images, quickly, conveniently, cost-effectively and in a secure manner.


Create an account

Input your personal details to setup your account. Once your account has been set up, You will see Dashboard Menu in right hand side of  web page.

you can create a named order, which you can track.


Upload image(s)

Upload the image(s) which you would like us to digitally edit and retouch, enabling us to access and optimize them, accordingly. Here you will have an itemized bill, detailing your expenses per image.

This screen enables you to select the type of digital enhancements you would like, while also allowing clients to give specific details about individual requests. This will ensure that we know what your expectations are, so that we are able to meet them.


Order Review

Here clients can review their order details, review new orders and track those being processed by our team.


Images Optimized

Once an image has been edited and optimized by our digital imaging experts, you will receive a notification email to advise you accordingly. The email will link to your account, where you can access the image download screen, through which you can download images in bulk or individually.


Rejected images

Images will be rejected should our digital imaging experts find that their resolution quality is too low to edit and optimize. In the event of this occurring, clients will receive a notification of this, inviting them to upload an image with higher resolution quality.


Provide a testimonial for the service (optional)

We like to receive feedback from our clients as it helps us improve our services. Please let us know about your experience with


Customer Care & Support

You can complete our online customer support form, at any time, in order to get in touch with one of our team members for technical queries or other issues at