Pricing - Pay For Image

This pricing scheme offers as per Category for per image and features the following:

  • Fixed pricing per image, so you know the cost of retouching your digital image, upfront
  • 48-hour turnaround time: your optimized image will available for you to access and download within 48 hours of order confirmation and payment authorization
  • Basic image editing: covering lighting, brightness, contrast, sharpness and overall image polishing
  • Customer support service by our team
  • For individual users, placing small or ad hoc orders

Price Starting from 00.30$

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Business (Bulk Order)

This pricing scheme offers a package deal for businesses wishing to make use of’s digital image optimization services. The package features are:

  • For corporate clients with over 200 images to retouch and optimize 
  • Superior turnaround time-frames: The optimized image will be available for you to download with 24 hours of the request being made)
  • Professional Image Editing: This includes the full works, employing cutting-edge software to enhance your digital images.
  • Dedicated customer service manager

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